Can Cryptocurrency be used on a Daily Basis

                                Can Cryptocurrency be used on a Daily Basis

What is keeping the coins to be accepted in the nearby supermarkets and basic facilities to be availed with the coin currency which is available for all in the digital world?  /there seems to be some kind of nix in adopting the coin currency that everyone is aware today to be coming in the mainstream and use it like the electronic cards that are swiped in the restaurants, shopping malls, and hospitals.        The supply of cryptocurrency is limited when compared to the traditional currency that is made available to all and is regulated by the central banks and other regulatory agencies.

The continuous monitoring raises a red flag when there is abnormal movement in forex currency either high on demand or supply, which is immediately kept on a check by the stock exchanges.

Is Stability Important?

There are more than 1000 coins which are generated and traded every single minute online in the trading platforms every hour, and the features provided by the software like Bitcoin Code are numerous. With very minimal amount to fund and open the account, the demo session is given by the website for free, the use of an automated trading robot to execute trades makes life simpler for beginners who have limited knowledge in trading online. Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile, due to their very nature of being limited in supply and circulation being very wide in different exchanges, the stability of any currency determines the use and adaptability.

The transaction fees, commission, and brokerage charged to convert the cryptocurrency into the traditional currency takes away the major profited amount and leaves the trader with a minimal amount that is lesser in comparison to trades in the traditional forex. Without proper planning and highly volatile markets, there is more offloaded in the crypto exchanges which cannot keep mining additional coins every day, due to the cost which is very high and the powerful network computer required to mine are also limited.

The stable environment that is created by the traditional currencies over many decades has made it possible to still hold on to the ecosystem of money in physical form to be widely accepted without any limitations. The stability and governance both are important aspects which are currently being looked into by regulators in the crypto world to make it probably coexist with the traditional fiat currency and still form a larger part of the economy in the digital space.