Oven-Dried Tomatoes + Eggplant Timbales with Pesto

You’ll be amazed at the flavor and concentration of these tomatoes, which are simply baked in the oven at a very low temperature for many hours. Use them immediately in tomato salads, in sauces, in stews. Or, mix them with herbs and garlic, cover them with good olive oil, and hold them for a few days in a container at room temperature.

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Rosengarten on Forbes: The Real Deal Meal in Curaçao

Traveling anywhere in the world today, in my book, means a constant, frustrating search for authenticity. It is easier than ever to fall into the traps of non-local food, or “local” food generated for tourists. The gastronomic traveler always wants to avoid these, always wants to find instead the equivalent of what the local mamas are cooking at home, which usually ain’t easy. But if you don’t stick to this discipline…the world becomes a blur, and you might as well stay at home.

Things are no different on the island of Curaçao, deep in the southern Caribbean, 38 miles north of the coast of Venezuela–where I visited.

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WINE MONDAY: David’s Wine of the Week

2012 Fleurie, L’Alchimiste, Anne-Sophie Dubois, Beaujolais, France ($27)

On Saturday night, when the weather in NYC showed a hint of chill, I was hell-bent on having a roast chicken with some French red wine in a bistro-like place. I ended up at Rotisserie Georgette, which opened a few years back on 60th, near Fifth Avenue—though I’ve been horrifically indolent in not getting to it until now. The eponymous Georgette is the lovely, dynamic Georgette Farkas, whom I knew for so many years as top functionary in the Daniel Boulud empire. I had no excuse for the first-time-ness of my visit. And now…I have no excuse for not going back soon!

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Ripe Plantains Sautéed in Butter

Ripe plantains, their skins nearly black in color, are sauteed in butter and sweetened to make a great accompaniment for suckling pig—or any other dish with Caribbean flair!

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Feel that slight drop in ambient temperature, that proverbial “nip in the air?” Can that be going anyplace good? Mostly, no; the lush days of summer are about to take a vacation for a few seasons. However, every year I bolster my spirits with one smile-inducing summer-ending thought: “the weather’s getting cooler…and the oysters are about to get better!”

I am an oyster fanatic. And I love nothing so much as the crisper, saltier oyster that comes with cold weather. Seems I have a lot of company!

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