Wine For The Weekend

Once upon a time, in old Tuscany, there was a graceful kind of wine known as “Chianti.” The Tuscans loved it, and drank a ton of it with their marvelously simple food. Then the world discovered it. Then the world changed its taste, moving blindly towards darker, richer, more tannic, more alcoholic, less food-friendly red wines. Then the Tuscans changed Chianti. Badda-boom. And thus ended the tradition of lovely, light, drink-any-time, graceful Chianti. For the most part.

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Fresh-Picked Chesapeake Crab Salad with Homemade Crabhouse Spices, Corn Nuts, Virginia Chile Extraction, and Buttermilk Dressing

We’re posting today an exciting new recipe that I developed for a dinner I cooked in October, at The James Beard House in NYC! The dinner was an East-West oyster shuck-off, but Ken Norris of Portand, Oregon and I created some non-oyster courses, also using East or West Coast seafood. My favorite contribution was this crab salad, the crab meticulously picked out of fresh-coked crabs. It was a BIG JOB for 80 diners….but for your family it should be much more manageable. And do go to the trouble of creating the House-Made Crabhouse Spice…it has a delicious kick!

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Rosengarten on Forbes: Hello Again, Madrid—Finding What’s New in What’s Old

One can hardly descend on a European capital today that’s more dedicated to “what’s new” than Madrid. This is Spain, padre…the world capital of molecular cuisine, of calcium chloride olives, of ice balls that implode and vanish in your mouth. Yes, there is no El Bulli in Spain at the moment…but every Spanish kid in a white jacket still wants to be Ferran Adrià.

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WINE MONDAY: David’s Wine of the Week

2005 Viña Ardanza Reserva, La Rioja Alta, Rioja DOCa, Spain ($26)

I’m a huge red Rioja fan, and the tradition-oriented La Rioja Alta is one of my favorite bodegas in that blessed region. Made from 80% Tempranillo and 20% Garnacha, Viña Ardanza usually has a little extra roundness to it (when compared with the other Riojas from La Rioja Alta). At 20 years or so, it’s a thing of beauty, bulging with the aged magic that develops in a bottle of Rioja. OK, this one ain’t there yet…but it was the oldest Viña Ardanza they had on the list at Casa Lucio in Madrid on Saturday night, and I wanted it for my morcilla.

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The Sloe Sling

If you saw Tuesday’s post, you read all about my journey to the Berlin Bar Convention to judge the Heering Sling! After much deliberation (and quite a few cocktails), my fellow judges and I were able to find the best Sling cocktail in the world!

*drumroll please* The winner of the 2014 Peter F. Heering Sling Award is…

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