Jiffy Corn Muffin Mix Apple Cake

A lot of the baking that goes on in American homes is done with Jiffy Corn Muffin Mix; it costs 39 cents a box, and a staggering 1.4 million of those boxes are sold in America every day! I’d imagine that most of it goes into muffin making—but this stuff has wider and, I think, even more delicious applications. The following recipe yields a warm, tender, irresistible cake—ultimate comfort food—that takes minutes to make and pennies to buy.

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Rosengarten on Forbes: Understanding the Japanese Gastronome

Yes, we’ve become a nation of sushi-lovers. But are we Americans really in tune with the Japanese aesthetic that undergirds the sushi bar? It’s worth asking…because the more you know about what the Japanese are thinking…the more fun it is to enjoy Japanese food!

There are five general precepts to ponder.

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WINE MONDAY: David’s Wine of the Week

2011 Bruberry, Portal del Montsant, Montsant, Spain ($12)

Lots of wine-lovers know Priorat, the huge and hugely popular red wine that comes from an area of cathedral-like mountains in Catalunya. This particular wine-lover (me!) is not usually in love with Priorat, unless it’s significantly aged. The young ones (which dominate the market) are way too fierce, powerful, alcohol, tannic for my sensitive oral machinery. But I do hunt the market for nearby Montsant, which boasts Priorat-like Grenache-based flavors, and is much easier to drink.

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Lomi-Lomi Salmon with Crushed Macadamia Nuts

Attend any luau in the state of Hawaii today, and you’re sure to encounter a curious side dish called lomi-lomi salmon. The name comes from the Hawaiian word “lomi,” which means to “work with the fingers;” indeed, you can get a lomi-lomi massage at your spa in the afternoon, and have lomi-lomi salmon for dinner! It was made in Hawaii, historically, with salted salmon, which was brought to the islands in the 19th century by Russian sailors en route from Alaska. This is like the salted salmon from Alaska that, in New York City, became lox!

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The Great Pizza Epiphany!

I know two great truths about pizza, both of which I thought were eternal:

1) The best pizza in the world is in Naples, Italy; and

2) You simply cannot find Naples-style pizza anywhere else in the world, including the rest of Italy.

After my recent two weeks on the delicious boot, the first perception still stands. But at the tail end of the trip, I found a pizza in Sicily (where I’ve gone Napoli-hunting many times)…that is absolutely Naples quality!!!! It was a shock!!!

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