Rosengarten on HuffPo: HERRING IS HERE!!! (Do You Care?)

The last two weeks of June are holy, holy, holy to herring-lovers world-wide; it is the annual harvest time, as designated by the Dutch authorities, of the “new herring” in Europe’s North Sea. But you don’t have to go to Amsterdam to enjoy these delectable swimmers (though that’s never a bad idea); you only have to go to New York City’s Grand Central Oyster Bar before the month is out to sample the fresh catch.

More on this venue later. But first, a burning question:

Why does this herring headline likely leave you indifferent?

I know why. Because…as for most Americans…Dutch “green” herring in June ain’t on your bucket list! Oh no. In fact, the thought of herring in any form may make you think of another kind of bucket.

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Wine for the Weekend: 2008 Domaine Philippe Goulley Chablis Premier Cru

I first met Philippe Goulley, a brilliant Chablis producer, at an organic wine fair in France in the winter of 2013. I was dazzled by the clarity in his Chablis…both in the younger, simpler ones (he makes an extraordinary Petit Chablis), and in the older Chablis from more heralded sites (his Premier Cru Chablis age gorgeously!) One of the big contemporary debates in Chablis is wood vs. no-wood; I discovered that this is an in-between house!

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Wines for the Weekend: 2012 Devon-S Riesling Spatlese Trocken & 2001 Wallufer Walkenberg Riesling Kabinett, Toni Jost

WINES for the weekend, this time! A great opportunity to sample two wines, from different generations of the legendary Toni Jost family!

It was a really, really happy day in January 2013, when I first visited Toni Jost in the charming riverside village of Bacharach, just across from the steep cliffs of the Rheingau which sit on the other side of the Rhine River. But Bacharach, officially located in the Middle Rhein, or, as the Germans say, the Mittelrhein, has steep vineyards too! In fact, Bacharacher Hahn (the hen of Bacharach), with its Devon slate, is one of the most beautiful steep vineyards on either side of the Rhine!

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Apple Fritters

There are two ways of making fritters, those irresistible deep-fried clouds of flavor popular in the Midwest and throughout the country: you can either dip whole pieces of food in batter so that the food is coated, or you can cut the food into small bits and incorporate them into the batter. And there’s one more choice to be made: you can either prepare savory fritters (like clam fritters), or sweet fritters (like fruit fritters.) This recipe takes the latter road in both decisions: they are apple fritters, with small chunks of apple suspended in the batter. I thought of them today because tomorrow is National Donut Day!

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WINE WEDNESDAY: David’s Wine of the Week (and a Rosengarten Report Preview!)

The publication of the 3rd Rosengarten Report is just around the corner…

In anticipation, we’re posting as a Wine Wednesday today a sneak peek at the wines that will be covered in that issue…the glorious wines of Alto Adige, Italy’s most northern wine-growing region.

The Rosengarten Report story looks at the white wines of this great area—sleek, flavorful cool-climate beauties that make so much sense as summer sippers!

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